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Fever During Pregnancy – Will It Affect Your Baby?

Pregnancy is a phase during which the mother requires a lot of extra care and attention. Expecting mothers was tend to worried all the time. That any misstep can result in harm to their baby, so they tend to be wary of a lot of things. Even a minor issue seems like a huge problem during this time. However, sometimes, people also end up neglecting problems that warrant attention.

A fever is not something that many of us take seriously most of the time, we hope that things would get fine with time. Only when the fever does not go away for a long time or some other symptoms start appearing, people consult a doctor for the same. However, during pregnancy, such an approach can be detrimental. If you have a Fever During Pregnancy,Please consult a doctor otherwise it will be serious.

Avoid Panicking

Chills during Pregnancy

First-time mothers are most likely to panic if they run a fever during pregnancy as they feel that it could harm their baby. One thing that you need to understand when it comes to Fever and Pregnancy is that panicking would not do you any good.

Therefore, if you have a fever during pregnancy is to calm your nerves and contact your doctor. Ask your gynecologist if it would be safe for you to take an antipyretic to bring the fever down. Without consult the doctor don’t take any medicine.Because it will a dangerous to your baby

The next thing was needs to be done to find out the causes of the fever. The extent of the harm that can be incurred upon the baby owing to the fever have a lot to do with its cause. Therefore, this is something was needs to be discovered at the earliest. A fever during pregnancy can be considered as a symptom of some underlying condition which can harm the baby.

Causes Of a Fever In Pregnancy

There could be numerous causes of a fever during pregnancy. It is quite common for expecting mothers to develop urinary tract infections. Perhaps it is the respiratory viruses to be blamed. Sometimes, the infections leading to the fever could be rare and dangerous as well.

Some common causes of fever include the likes of dehydration, influenza, kidney infection, tonsillitis, pneumonia, and hyperthyroidism.

For a doctor to determine the cause and fathom the extent of harm that can befall the baby, complete information and clinical history are important.

Chills, back pain, shortness of breath, abdominal pain and neck stiffness.

symptoms that might manifest alongside a fever:
Food poisoning manifests with nausea and vomiting along with fever and abdominal pain it also a cause. Symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting can also complicate a pregnancy as they can lead to preterm labor or dehydration. If a mother is diagnosed with food poisoning and  diarrhea, it is important to ensure that the vital electrolytes that she loses during this period were replenished so that the development of the baby is not affected due to her condition.

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The Impact on the Baby

A body temperature reaching above 98.6 degrees can be harmful to the baby. The fetus requires an ideal environment for development, and a fever can lead to disruption in this environment. This is the right way to get a essential treatment.

Childhood Fever

Studies have shown that a fever can also lead to the development of congenital defects due to some infections. Thus, this is not taken seriously.

A fever higher than 102 degrees during the first trimester requires prompt treatment to ensure no complications arise in the development of the baby.

Sometimes, Mothers end up thinking and worried about or probe future if fever comes down. However, even if the fever subsides on its own, it is advisable to consult a doctor and inform him of your condition to ensure there are no problems.

A fever and pregnancy are not conditions that can run side by side without any repercussions. A lot of symptoms do manifest during pregnancy, but a fever is not one of them. Therefore, a complete examination needs to be conduct for develop a fever during pregnancy

If the cause of the fever is viral, the mother can rest easy as the only treatment then required would be the maintenance of hydration and an antipyretic.

During a bacterial cause antibiotic is required.Consult a doctor for treatment because lot of antibiotics can be harmful to the baby.

Take the Required Precautions

Pregnancy is a vulnerable phase since the defences of the mother are low. At such times, lot of precautions need to be taken. To ensure she remains healthy while making it certain that the baby is provided with an ideal environment for its development.

Therefore, it becomes all the more important to be cautious of your conduct during pregnancy. Wash your hands as often as possible so that bacteria do not get an opportunity to attack you.

You also need to take measures for protection against cold and flu. You should also endeavour to steer clear of sick people so that you do not contract their illness. It is also advisable to take vaccinations during pregnancy against certain bacteria. It is important to pay heed to all the instructions, laid out by your doctor and keep him informed of any symptoms that you experience.

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