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How to Naturally Induce Labor – Is It Safe?

how to naturally induce labor

Waiting for the moment when you would finally be able to hold your bundle of joy is not easy. Furthermore, predicting the due date is not something that can be done with accuracy. It is entirely possible and common for women to deliver weeks after their due date. Most mothers tend to find it rather difficult to wait for their delivery once the due date has passed. Hence, they start looking for natural ways to induce labor. We are going to shed some light on how this can be done and whether there is any risk of resorting to such tactics.

Ways To Naturally Induce Labor

If you want to naturally induce labor, the first thing that you need to ensure is that yours is an uncomplicated pregnancy. You must have visited your gynecologist for your regular checkups and in the case of any risks or complications, she would have informed you about them. Therefore, only think about how to naturally induce labor if your gynecologist has given your pregnancy a clean chit.


Exercise During Pregnancy Benefits Labor can be initiated by simple exercises such as a long walk or climbing stairs. This is because gravity can play a role in initiating the descent of the baby into the birth canal, thereby leading to the dilation of the cervix due to the pressure.

Nipple Stimulation

Another way to start labor is by stimulating the nipples that lead to the contraction of the uterus, thereby increasing the likelihood of inducing labor. The stimulation of the nipple due to lactation plays a role in assisting the uterus to return to its original size. Using a breast pump for nipple stimulation might enable you to naturally induce labor.

Membrane Stripping

This is another method that you will come across when you search how to naturally induce labor. This is not something that you can do yourself. You will need the assistance of a doctor for this purpose. However, there are no medications used in the process. The doctor makes use of a gloved finger to bring about a separation between the amniotic sac and the uterine wall. This leads to the release of prostaglandin. This procedure can lead to cramps and spotting. Heavy bleeding can also occur at times, in which case, prompt intervention needs to be sought.


Acupuncture is also a method that is counted among the natural ways to start labor. It stimulates oxytocin release in the body.


Acupressure is another technique that can be used to naturally induce labor, according to various studies. It is safe to start with acupressure in your 37th week of pregnancy. You can increase the applied pressure as your due date draws closer. However, it is important to follow the instructions of a professional religiously if you are going to apply the pressure yourself. You will find that acupressure also serves to provide you relief from pain during delivery.

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Spicy Food

Spicy foods lead to the release of prostaglandin in the body, which can stimulate contractions in the uterus. Therefore, if you want to naturally induce labor, this is an easy and tasty method to try.


 Benefits of Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil is also considered to be an effective way to induce labor.

  • It leads to the softening and priming of the cervix.
  • The oil can be taken orally or inserted vaginally.

Car Rides

A bumpy car ride can induce labor. However, safety is something that you would need to pay attention to if this is the method you use to naturally induce labor.

 Safety Comes First

The first thing that you should keep in mind as you search how to naturally induce labor is that you make use of methods that would not compromise your or your baby’s safety. There is no evidence to suggest that if you naturally induce labor, your baby would be exposed to any risk. However, it also depends on how you approach the task and the extent that you go to. Sometimes, mothers end up being a bit too aggressive with their methods, which ultimately leads to premature rupture of the membrane, which can be dangerous for the baby.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Herbal Tea for Pregnancy

It is recommended to start drinking red raspberry leaf tea as your due date draws near. It works to tone the uterus and organises the contractions into regular patterns.


If you want to ensure that your baby is not affected due to the natural induction of labor, you need to make it certain that you are prepared for the delivery in case you are successful in your attempts. There should be a care ready to take you to the hospital. Furthermore, you should not be suffering from any medical conditions such as diabetes or hypertension.

It is advisable to speak to your doctor before you make any attempt to naturally induce labor. He would be able to inform you regarding any risks of complications. Every pregnancy is different, so what is safe for one woman might not carry the same level of safety for the other. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are not placing your baby in any unnecessary risk by blindly following what you find on the internet.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in one’s life, which should be enjoyed to the full extent. Therefore, do not hasten the process and endeavour to naturally induce labor before the time arrives. Waiting for another week or two would not do you any harm. You should only attempt to induce labor if your doctor thinks it is past time and medications should now be started for induction. You can then give the natural methods a try before starting the medications. Till then, enjoy your pregnancy. It would be worth the wait. Once you carry your baby in your arms, you will forget everything else.

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