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Top 10 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Boys

baby shower decorations for a boy

Throwing a baby shower for your friend or relative is not easy. There is a lot of organization involved and a lot of creative thinking. Even though the organizing part may seem a little easy. The creative thinking can be a little hard for people who believe they are not so good with art,Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Boys.

Thankfully, you have us to count on and as you continue reading, you will find some great ideas for baby shower decorations for a boy. You may need to work hard before the event as you might have to make some of the ideas yourself, while you will be able to find others in a store. But remember that handmade decorations give the shower a more personalized feel to it. Let’s look at the Top 10 Baby Shower Decorations For a Boy.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Here the listed are a creative ideas.Try these baby shower decoration ideas.

1. Ships And Sailors

There is a point in every boy’s life when he wants to become a sailor and live his life at sea. Many boys even love dressing up as such and look so adorable. This is why we believe that adding ships and sailors to your decorations will be a lovely idea. What you can do is that you get various cartoon images of ships and sailors printed on paper and sticker paper.

When you are sorting out the cutlery, you can use the stickers to hold the napkins. The paper printouts can be stuck all over the walls, and you can even hang some from the main table where the cake will be cut.

2. Cowboys/Western

If you are looking for inspiration for decoration ideas in this category, you may want to consider Toy Story. From the cartoon, you can use Woody, who was Andy’s favorite toy, along with his horse. The cake can be designed in the shape of the cartoon character. While you can flood the place with cacti, horses, and ropes. You can put different cowboy boots in one corner and make the room bright and sunny to complement the desert setting.

3. Football

We have seen almost all the men in our lives glued to the TV when a football game is on, so why should we expect something different from our sons? After all, they are their father’s child. With this idea, you do not need to limit yourself to just football; you can use various other types of balls including baseballs, golf balls, and basketballs.

Better You can buy a lot of balls and use them as wall hangings or even get cutouts of balls and stick them all over the walls. You can add a little grass below the balls to make it seem like the baby shower is taking place in a field.

4. Blue And Silver

Of course, an important addition to the list, a traditional decoration of blue and silver can be used if you are on a small budget. All you have to do is include different types of decorations that you can find in blue and white. You can also get balloons of those colors and fill the room with them. This is the simplest decoration style to follow, and you will get many decoration items in this color.

5. Trains

If you have a large poster of a train, you may not even need much more; all you have to do is place that poster on the wall behind the main table, and one part of the decoration is complete. The next thing you will need is a big train set, which you can even gift to the mother later for her son.

You can place that train set around the cake or the sides of the main table; the circling train will add a great decoration piece to your theme. You can even get a cutout of an engine with a window where your guests can pose to take pictures.

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6. Mustache And Suspenders

Imagine a baby with a mustache pacifier and a romper with suspenders printed on them. How adorable would he look! You can purchase several mustache pacifiers and place them on the main table around the cake. Another thing that you can do is that instead of hanging other Types of decorative items on the walls, you can hang suspenders. You can get a big cutout of a mustache and place it behind the main table with the words “It’s a boy” written on top of it.

7. Dinosaur

After the dinosaur cartoons comes the obsession with dinosaur toys and other merchandise. At the entrance of the event, you can place a cutout of a T-rex’s face and teeth, above which you can write, “Welcome to the Jurassic shower”. Inside, you can decorate the room with various dinosaurs. You can get cheap dinosaur action figures as well, which you can place all over the main table, or you can even hang them. Paper cutouts will also make great decoration hangings and wall stickers.

8. Formula One Or Other Racing Cars

Men, in general, are obsessed with fast cars, so this would be a safe decoration idea to follow. If you can, go for a particular car cartoon and follow that theme and have the decorations made accordingly. Or you can just have random fast cars placed all over the event. You can even include a game of remote-control car racing to determine the winner.

9. Camping/Boy Scouts

Boys like to go camping and have fun with outdoor activities, so why not bring the camp to the baby before it’s born? You can have a little tent set up in the corner of the shower. If you have it outdoors, maybe at sunset you can light a small campfire, or have a fake campfire made in the middle of the room where people can gather around.

10. Robots

Robot battles and remote control robots are loved by all boys. It makes for a good decoration idea for a boy’s baby shower. You can have party hats with robots on them, and your napkins can follow the same theme as well. Your invitation card can be designed as a robot. There are so many other decoration ideas that you can use in which you can incorporate robots.

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