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10 Important Symptoms Of Pregnancy Before A Missed Period

pregnancy symptoms before missed period

There are many signs of pregnancy before you miss your period. Although these signs can be minor, if you pay close attention to yourself and your body, you will be able to determine these symptoms. It is highly possible that you notice these pregnancy symptoms before missed period if you have been trying for a baby. At times, women who get pregnant don’t even know that they are expecting until they have missed their second period. It is due to this reason that if you pay attention to your daily self, you will notice these symptoms.

Every woman’s pregnancy is different, which means that the signs and symptoms will vary too. Some women may see some signs, while others might not. A blood test or pregnancy test is the only sure-fire way to determine your pregnancy.

The Top 10 Signs of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period

The signs of pregnancy that can occur as early as one to two weeks after conception include light spotting,breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea, and headaches.Pregnancy symptoms before missed period top 10 listed here:

1. Implantation Bleeding and Cramping

It is possible that you mistake this sign as the start of your period, but the major difference that you notice at this time is the change in the heaviness of the bleeding. During your period, you experience heavy bleeding, but when your body is implanting a baby in your womb, the level of blood that comes out is quite small. There is a possibility that you notice just a few spots of blood. Do remember that many women do not experience any bleeding during implantation.

Another sign is cramping when you are bleeding. The pain will be felt in your lower abdomen and will not be as strong as the ones you witness during your periods. Again, you may not witness any cramps at all.

2. Elevated Basal Body Temperature

During pregnancy, you will notice that your body’s basal temperature has increased. Now, this increase may occur by only one degree or even lower, so it is important that you know your basal temperature beforehand. For that, you will need to take your basal temperature at least every day for a few months to accurately determine your basal temperature.

3. Sore, Tender and Heavy Breasts

A certain sign of pregnancy, you will notice a change in your breasts. Your papilla will change color and become darker. Your breasts will start to feel incredibly tender under touch, and they will also feel extremely sore and heavy. It is at this time that you will want to throw your bra away as it feels very uncomfortable.

4. Fatigue

Many different hormones are released by your body as soon as the infusion between the egg and sperm occurs. This means that your body will start reacting to these hormones, and you will start seeing and feeling the change. It is highly likely that you start feeling tired and fatigue from the very beginning. You will probably want to sleep more and rest as you feel exhausted after doing a little work.

5. Nausea

The first trimester of pregnancy means that you will be feeling nauseous almost every day, all day or at a particular time of the day. The reason for this is the hormones again. As the weeks pass, it is highly possible that your nausea will increase.

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6. Bloating and Feeling of Tightness

Again, this is a symptom that can easily be mistaken as a sign of your period. However, the main difference here is that you may start to look a little pregnant even though it just started. Your clothes may start feeling tighter, and your stomach will seem rounder to you. The main reason for this is that your digestion starts to get interfered, which can also cause constipation and gassiness. Don’t eat too much during this time; eat small portions of food to ensure that digestion doesn’t pose a problem during your pregnancy.

7. Urge to Pee

Yes, you will start peeing a lot more from the very beginning. This can prove to be a bit of a hassle as most of the time, you will feel the need to pee during the night. Since you are pregnant, more blood is produced which supplies you and your baby with oxygen, so there will be more blood filtering through the kidneys, which means more urine.

8. Food Aversions

You may feel that you have become a bloodhound during your pregnancy because your sense of smell is heightened. There are downsides to this as well because you will now be able to smell your food more carefully which might cause you to dislike it and you would want to throw up instead of eating. Though this symptom should go away later on during your pregnancy, there are chances that it might not.

9. Dizziness

During your pregnancy, your blood vessels start to dilate, due to which the blood pressure lowers. This reduced blood pressure causes more harm than good because it creates dizziness. The best thing to do during this time is to sit down immediately as it can lead to you falling, which will be harmful to you and the baby. Just make sure that the blood pressure does not decrease too much and in case it does, consult your doctor immediately.

10. Mood Swings

Be ready for sudden bursts of anger or tears streaming down your face during your pregnancy. As your hormones are changing, you will experience an extreme level of mood swings. You will be laughing at one moment and crying the other. These mood swings can make you very emotional during pregnancy, and that’s okay.

Remember that you may experience all or some of these signs and symptoms of pregnancy before a missed period. At times, you might even witness different signs and symptom during each of your pregnancies as all pregnancies are different. Just make sure to eat healthy, stay healthy, and take care of yourself during this time, especially since the first trimester is crucial for you and the baby.

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