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Top 10 Baby Shower Themes For Boys

baby shower themes for boys

When you have to prepare for a baby shower for a boy, you think about the themes that would be best suited for him and may even inspire him at one point. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds; hence, we have listed down the top themes that you can follow for a baby shower themes for boys.

Baby Shower Themes For Boys

1. Space Theme

There is so much that can be done in this theme. You can use rockets, astronauts, aliens and space battles.Decorate the shower with stars, planets, and aliens. You can even follow the space invaders theme to complement your space theme. Boys at one point in their life become obsessed with space, so it is a good baby shower theme to follow for them. You can get various space-related cutouts, and decorations regarding this theme will be easily available. You can even make your cake look like a spaceship that is about to deliver a baby boy to the mommy-to-be.

2. Rustic Cowboy Theme

Rustic Baby Shower FavorsOf course, we all know the love a boy has for cowboys and the Western in general, which is why this makes for a perfect theme for any friend or relative who is about to have a baby boy. You can get all the guests, including the mom, to wear cowboy hats and boots. Decorate the place with cacti and other Western products. You can get a cowboy cutout with which the guests can take pictures. You can make the mommy-to-be the sheriff of the shower.There is a lot that you can do with this theme if you opt for it.

3. Sports Theme

You have an open ground here. If you want the shower to have a sports related theme, you can choose from a variety of sports including basketball, football, and soccer. After that, you can decorate your surroundings accordingly. Another thing you can do if you opt for this theme is that you can just choose a general sports theme and include every type of decoration. This would make for a good idea as it would mean that the baby as many options to choose from and will be supported in all.

4. Race Car Theme

Almost every boy loves cars and eventually starts a collection of toy cars, so why not give him a hand and start his collection early? You can get a bunch of different race cars and ask the guests to choose one they feel would be best suited for the baby. Not only will this make for a great game among your guests, but you can also hand over these cars to the boy at a later stage as a memory of the shower. As for decorations, invitations and other knick-knacks, there is much that you can do and will easily find available on the market.

5. Outdoors Theme

Another good idea for a baby boy will be an outdoors theme. You can even hold this shower at an outdoor place. For starters, you can have a little campfire at the end of the shower or have a fake one which would be better and usable throughout the shower. You can also give out camping survival whistles as a party favor. As for the food, the best type suited for this event would be an outdoor BBQ.

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6. Little Man Theme

 Baby Shower Ideas

A little man is entering the life of your best friend or relative and what better way to celebrate but with a baby shower with a little man theme? Your main decoration items can include mustaches, which you can stick to either the wall or the straws that will be served at the party. You can decorate with little man rompers and instead of hanging the common decoration items, you can hang suspenders. Your cake can be a three-tier cake with a mustache at the top followed by suspenders and boots; wouldn’t that be the cherry on top for the shower?

7. Sunshine Theme

This little boy will be the sunshine of his mother’s life and those who he matters to the most, so having a theme regarding that fact would be perfect. The dress code for the shower can be yellow, and you can decorate the place with yellow, gold, and blue. You can use many balloons to decorate the place and even get nice decorations items from a party store to follow this theme.

8. Blue and Silver Theme

If you want to keep the baby shower traditional, the best theme for you to follow would be the blue and silver theme. It will prove to be less expensive and you will not need pieces of decoration in any shape; all you have to do is to make sure that everything you use is either blue or silver. You can use lots of balloons to decorate the place and even add various decoration items in those colors. The dress code for all guests could be blue and silver and so can be the napkins, cake, and invitations among other things.

9. Nautical Theme

Nautical Boy Theme

One of the most popular themes followed for a baby shower for boys is nautical. There is so much that you can do in this theme. You can include a sailor’s uniform cutout that other guests can take a picture of. If you can get a couple of lifesavers, they will make great decoration pieces. The colors you can use are red, white, and navy blue, and include stripes. You can get printouts of ships and compasses and place them at different locations at the event.

10. Boys Will Be Boys Theme

How many times have we used the term, “Boys will be boys,” when boys do something weird? So why not have a theme that follows this fact? There is a lot that you can do in this and include the likes of dirt, insects and other things that boys are obsessed with.

So there you have it:the top baby shower themes for boys.

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