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Top 10 Baby Shower Themes For Girls

baby shower themes for girls

When a friend or relative announces that they are having a baby girl, you bounce up and down with joy and you start planning her baby shower from day 1. The most difficult part about throwing a shower is its theme, which is why we present to you Baby Shower Themes For Girls so that it is easier for you to plan the big day.

Top 10 Baby Shower Themes For Girls

The party is for fun and relaxation and baby shower themes is full of  happiness and not a stressed one. Choose the best themes and enjoy a lot and here are the top 10 baby shower themes for girls are listed:

1. Princess Theme

Every little girl is a princess to her parents and is treated as such too, so why not have a baby shower in the princess theme? You could distribute tiaras to all the guests, while the soon-to-be mommy can wear a crown as she will be the queen to the little princess. You can get the cake customised in the shape of a princess or tiara to complement the theme. The decorations can include glitter confetti, “___ to the princess” sashes, and silver and pink balloons. You can even use silver cutlery. There is so much that can be done that would look so great with this theme.

2. Pink Theme

Girl Baby Shower Themes

When we think of a girl, we automatically think of the colour pink, which is why it is one of the most popular themes used when having a baby shower for a girl. The decorations can include pink balloons, pink decoration hangings (you can even hang up cute little pink dresses as well for decorations), pink dinnerware, and pink dress code. You can have the cake customised in the form of a pink flower. You can even include drinks and food which are pink in colour such as pink lemonade.

3. Unicorn Theme

As a girl grows up, the one thing that she wants the most and wishes that it exists is a unicorn. The best thing about a unicorn theme is that you will be able to play around with a rainbow of colours. For starters, you can get a bouquet of rainbow coloured balloons tied up around the event place. You can also have the cake designed in the form of a unicorn. You can throw glitter around everywhere, and it could look like a unicorn just dashed into the room. The mother-to-be can wear a dress that has a unicorn horn coming out from her belly, which can sum up the theme perfectly.

4. Lisa Frank Theme

As girls, our first love was Lisa Frank and her merchandise with deep, erratic colours sprawled everywhere. Why not relive the love of Lisa Frank and have a baby shower in that theme? All the guests can wear Lisa Frank t-shirts or colours, and the party favours can consist of Lisa Frank merchandise. A picture cake with the most famous Lisa Frank picture can be used for the shower. You will have a lot of room to play with the decorations as well.

5. Pink Ribbons and Ruffles Theme

Little girls look oh so pretty in their frocks designed with ribbons and ruffles. Even mothers tend to use ribbons to tie their girls’ hair just so they can look extra beautiful. Having a pink ribbons and ruffles theme for a baby girl’s shower would be a perfect match. You can decorate the shower using many frocks which have the combination of the two. You can also have cupcakes whose frosting can be in the form of ruffles. A game can be included in which the participants will be required to make a headband for the baby using ribbons. It would turn into a perfect theme for a girl’s baby shower.

6. Bright And Cheerful Theme

We all want our baby girls to be bright and cheerful always, so why not have such a theme? After all, babies in the womb know what’s going around them. For this theme, you can have a bright smiley-face cake, use bright colours in your decorations, and make the party favours accordingly. With the theme, you can also include games where the person will need to guess the emoticon that the mother-to-be is holding. You can also have her wear a bright smiling shirt at the shower.

7. Summer Theme

Summer Baby Shower Ideas

You mostly relate the summer season with a girl as that is when they are in their best form and look gorgeous. Having a summer theme with pastel colours will make a perfect combination for baby shower themes for a girl. The guests could be asked to wear pastel coloured clothing. If you are holding the baby shower in summer, it will make your job all the more easy; you can keep the baby shower outdoors.

You can include pink lemonade as a refreshing drink for the shower, and the glasses can hold little yellow umbrellas. The food can be finger sandwiches and instead of a standard cake, you can have a cupcake cake whose frosting can be of pastel colours or a fondant icing in the shape of various things related to summers. You can hand out cool sunglasses as part of the party favours and even have games that would be perfect to play during that time.

8. Lavender Theme

The scent of lavender is one that every girl loves, and its colour is equally desirable. Having a theme based around lavenders is a very good idea; you can make the room smell like lavender, and the colour of all decorations and the attire of the guests can be purple as well. You can even include lavender oil in the favours.

9. Glamour Theme

When girls grow up, they become glamorous, and you cannot doubt the fact that the mother-to-be is glamorous herself too. This theme will perfectly complement the mother and baby girl. Your decorations can be customised accordingly with handbags and classy strollers. You can have a glamorous cake and complimentary party favours.

10. Barbie Theme

Every girl owns at least one Barbie doll and, at some point, aspires to be one too. Now that Barbie is promoting the fact that girls can be anything they desire, the theme makes up for an even better idea as we want our girls to be what they want. The decoration ideas, giveaways, and cake ideas are endless, and it would be an exciting theme to play with.

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