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Top 10 Best Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth

Best Parental Vitamin For Hair Growth

It’s a well-known fact that when you are pregnant, your overall appearance gets better thanks to the hormonal changes happening inside you. Not only does your skin look better and you start to glow, but your hair also grows faster and stronger, giving it a great shine and bounce for the  Best Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth.

The various hormones and their high levels start to impact your hair’s growth, which is why after birth, when all hormone levels return to normal, your hair also becomes the same it was before. Prenatal vitamins can also play a significant role in helping your hair grow stronger. The extra vitamins that your body is getting give the follicles the extra boost they need.

There are lots of different types of prenatal vitamins available on the market that can help with your hair growth, but it is advisable that you use the ones recommended by your doctor as he knows your medical history and will know which type will suit you. To give you a little rundown of the available types of prenatal vitamins hair growth, we have listed the top 10 best prenatal vitamins for hair growth.

Best Prenatal Vitamins  For Hair Growth

1. One A Day Women’s Prenatal

Consisting of folic acid and DHA, two of the most important compounds that pregnant women have to take, this prenatal vitamin is known to have a severe impact on women’s hair growth. The prenatal vitamins are also very useful when it comes to providing the baby with the required nourishment.

You can use the vitamin after your pregnancy, and it will leave the same impact on your hair as it did during your pregnancy. You will be required to take one pill daily during your pregnancy.

2. Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal

These vitamins for hair growth are available in different pack sizes, so you can purchase the one you feel best. The primary purpose of these vitamins is to help boost your and your baby’s immune system. There are also many other advantages these vitamins offer your child.

The composition of vitamins helps enhance the blood health and your digestive system. As the health of your blood improves, your hair’s growth and health improve along with it as it provides the necessary nutrition required by the hair follicles.

3. New Chapter Perfect Prenatal

One of the best whole-food multivitamins available on the market, it helps in your baby’s development and provides the required nutrition. It also encourages a happy pregnancy. The ingredients of the prenatal vitamin help boost your estrogen levels and elevate your metabolism. These hormones promote hair growth and assist them to look luscious and more appealing than before.

4. Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System

These prenatal vitamins are completely natural, which means that all the ingredients are pretty much organic and are extremely safe for pregnant women. The vitamins encourage stronger bones and muscles. They also provide the right type of nutrition required for healthy hair growth. The vitamins are easy to digest and have proven to be very beneficial for the baby.

5. Megafood Baby & Me Prenatal Vitamins 120 Tablets

These prenatal vitamins can only be consumed on an empty stomach. They have the ability to maintain and boost the health of pregnant women and help in digestion. The vitamin has a profound effect on the development of the baby as well and improves the baby’s health. It also encourages better skin and hair growth in pregnant women, clears any acne problems, and enhances the texture and length of their hair.

6. Pure Synergy Organic Prenatal

One of the best vitamins for hair growth available on the market, they can be consumed by women before, during and after pregnancy. The compounds of these vitamins are 100% organic, which promotes a healthy pregnancy. These natural ingredients also help with the baby’s development and provide the right nutrition required for the growth. The prenatal vitamins also assist in boosting hair growth and making them shine.

7. Vitafusion Prenatal, Gummy Vitamins

Another good choice, these vitamins are easy to use and taste good too. They consist of omega 3, DHA and folic acid, all of which are highly important to use during pregnancy. Besides boosting the baby’s development and promoting a healthy pregnancy, the vitamins also prove to be great for hair growth.

8. Spectrum Essentials Prenatal DHA Softgels

These prenatal vitamins consist of almost all of the essential nutrients required by women during pregnancy. It helps boost the baby’s eyesight and brain. As these vitamins are completely natural, they can be used during and post pregnancy as well. They contribute to maintaining the health of women and also boosts their hair growth.

9. Pre-Natal Care Multivitamins From TwinLab

These prenatal vitamins are great as they provide pregnant women and lactating mothers with the essential nutrients they need for themselves and their children. The vitamins help in the baby’s development as well while improving one’s health during pregnancy. The vitamins are also known for helping with hair growth and promoting healthy hair.

10. Once Daily Prenatal Multivitamin From Solaray

As the name suggests, one tablet of these vitamins is to be consumed daily. The vitamins consist of all the necessary nutrients and come at an affordable price. A great tablet to use, these vitamins provide women with all the necessary nutrients and help with the baby’s development. They are also great for hair growth as they contribute to making them longer and stronger.


If you have any particular tablet in mind that you would like to consume or your focus is on one that will assist in boosting your hair growth, it is best that you talk to your doctor about it. Their recommendation will be best suited for your needs. Prenatal vitamins are easily available in the market at affordable prices. If you are looking to consume them after pregnancy or even before, make sure you take one that can be consumed under such circumstances. Prenatal vitamins will also help retain hair growth if you continue using them after your baby’s birth.

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