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Top 10 Most Creative Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Pregnancy is a phase that is enjoyed by everyone. Not only does the mother wait in anticipation till she would be able to hold her bundle of joy, but people around her also look forward to the same. Pregnancy is a time that one would often look back at, so an effort should be made to ensure that some beautiful memories are made during this period.

One significant event during pregnancy is a baby shower that is thrown for the mother so that people can come and wish her luck for her baby. Invites need to be sent for the purpose and when it is baby shower invitations that we talk about, you have the opportunity to break all barriers of adorableness and creativity.

Often, people end up being confused regarding baby shower invitation ideas as they want their invitations to be innovative and look the best. They do not want to make use of regular invitations that would carry no value. Hence, some special baby shower invitation ideas need to be thought. We are going to provide you with some ideas that you can use to seek inspiration.

Ideas To Make Your Invitations Stand Out

When it comes to baby shower invitation there are lots and lots of creative and adorableness ideas.Here we have listed some ideas.

1. Make A Baby-Shaped Box

If you are good at creating stuff and have a knack for breaking all barriers, this is one idea that you will find rather appealing for baby shower invitations. You can make boxes in the shape of a baby’s face and when a person opens the box, he will find the invitation in glittery letters. However, this would take up a lot of time, so this is something that you should try only if you will be able to manage it.

2. Use Baby Bottles

Another interesting idea would be to send out the invitation in baby bottles. Wrap the invitation in a round ball and place it in a baby bottle that you can then send out. People would surely remember this invitation for a long time.

3. Make Diapers

Diapers are an important part of having a baby, so why not have some fun with them? Create some make-believe diapers and place them in a box. Ensure that they look like real diapers from the outside. The guests would then have to open the diapers to find their invitations. If you want to ensure that people talk about the baby shower invitations that they receive from you, this is surely an option that would not let you down.

4. Balloon Invitations

Another interesting baby shower invitation idea is to place the card in a balloon. Give a balloon to the people you want to invite and tell them to burst open the balloon. They would then be showered with glitter along with the invite. This would set the party mood going even before the party starts.

5. Use Mini Cradles

You will find miniature cradles on the market. They are not very expensive, so money would not be an issue. You can place your invite in these cradles along with some candies to make things interesting. Another option is to create your own cradles, but this would take quite a bit of time and effort.

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6. Make Your Own Card

You can make the cards on your own and decorate them with ribbons, flashy stuff, and drawings to give them an interesting look. Ensure that the design has something to do with babies and pregnancy. The receiver should understand it has something to do with a baby shower before even opening the card to read its content.

7. Owl-Themedcards

Cut cards in the shape of an owl and write the invites on them. Not only are they adorable, but they look endearing and beautiful as well.

8. Lady Bug Invitation

If you do not want to make it too obvious that you are giving a baby shower card, you can cut the card in the shape of a lady bug. Be prepared for the look of surprise you get when you hand these cards to people.

9. Use Baby Items

Baby items such as shoes and dresses are the most adorable things that you will find, and you can use them to create impressive baby shower invitations. Make models of small baby shows and place the invites in them like flags.

10. Pearl cards

One impressive baby shower invitation idea is to make pearl cards. Decorate the card with pearls and use innovative and different fonts to write the invite.

Create your own idea

When it comes to baby shower invitation ideas, there are no rules to be followed. You are free to come up with whatever you think would work. Thus, let the horses of your imagination run wild to think of some out-of-the-box ideas. This is not the kind of event that you would get to throw frequently, so you should make the most of it.

The best baby shower invitations prove to be the one that have a lot of thought behind them and that the sender creates on his own instead of purchasing a ready-made card available on the market.

While deciding on the baby shower invitations that you would send out, make sure you choose something that you will be able to manage. There are quite a lot of guests you would want to invite, so you should think of something that you would be able to see through.

It often happens that people start creating their own invitations with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm but fail to make all the cards, thus being forced to give up on the plan. This ends up making a lot of hard work go down the drain. If you do not have a lot of time, think of ideas that are simple yet would make an impact. Do not try to complicate things. This is supposed to be a fun task. Do not make it a burden.

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