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Top 10 Baby Shower Games For Large Groups

baby shower games for large groups

It is quite common for baby showers to be organised in an extravagant and lavish manner. A large group gathers to celebrate the happy occasion and give their best wishes to the soon-to-be mother and the soon-to-be-born baby. Most people like to ensure that a baby shower would not end up being just a chit-chat session where people come, eat, talk and leave. They endeavour to make things fun and interesting. For this purpose, baby shower games for large groups prove to be the perfect option.

However, coming up with baby shower games ideas is not an easy task. You need to think of a game that everyone would be able to participate in and enjoy. This is why we are going to provide you with some of the best baby shower games for large groups that you can play to ensure the baby shower turns out to be a fun and cherished event that everyone will be able to recall with a smile on their face.

Baby Shower Games Ideas

When most people looking for baby shower games, they want to select unique games to treat their guest. People will like to keep things interesting. Therefore, we are going to give you a list of unique baby shower games for large groups.

1. Don’t Say Baby

How difficult would it be not to utter the word “baby” if you are attending a baby shower? A baby is on everyone’s mind when you attend such an event. Thus, this makes for a rather interesting game which can be started right from the moment your guests enter your house.

As they enter the party, give them a diaper pin that they are required to wear on their shirt. Once all the guests have arrived, let them know that they cannot utter the word “baby” while the shower is going on. If anyone hears someone saying the word, he has the opportunity to steal the other’s pin. At the end of the party, the person who has the most number of pins is the winner. You will be surprised at how fun this game is.

2. Guess the Name of the Baby

This is another baby shower game idea that is fun and revealing. As you send out invitations for the baby shower, give instruction to the guests to bring their baby picture. Assign a number to each picture of the guest and post it on the wall and then, make the guests match the picture to the person. The one with most number of right guesses wins the game. Not only is this game fun, but it also ensures that a lot of childhood memories are refreshed, thereby making it a perfect baby shower game for large groups.

3. Baby Items

Baby Shower Ideas

This is another baby shower game idea that would keep your guests guessing. Put common baby items in a bag and give the guests a pen and paper. Pass the bag around and make the guest guess what’s inside the bag and identify the maximum number of items without peeking in. Give them a period of two minutes to make their guesses. The one with the most number of correct guesses wins the game.


4. Secrets

If you are looking for baby shower games ideas that are not only fun but a bit emotional as well, this one will prove to be the perfect option. Ask the soon-to-be parents twenty questions about one another in the absence of the other. The questions should be linked to the pregnancy. Record the answer and then bring both of them in the same room to ask the questions to the other party and let them guess what the other one would have answered. This will surely be a lively and emotional game.

5. Baby Sketch Artists

Make the evening fun by passing around sturdy paper plates along with markers. Make them draw a picture of a baby, and the one with the best sketch would be the winner. However, the interesting twist to the game is that the drawing has to be made with the paper plate placed on the head. You will find this to be a rather amusing sight and this game is sure to spread a lot of laughter.

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8. Guess the Measurements of the Mother

Usually, if you say that a woman is looking fat, she would be highly offended. However, such is not the case during pregnancy. Hence, this is an opportunity to have a bit of fun. For this game, you can pass a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors among your guests, and make them cut a length of the string that they think is the waist size of the pregnant lady. The one with the perfect or closest measurement will win the game.

7. Guess the Baby Food

Baby Food Guess


This is an interesting game during which you should put some unique flavoured baby foods into jars. Make your guests sample the jars and ask them to guess the food item present in the jar. The one with the most correct answers wins the game.



8. Diaper Derby

For this game, you will need to divide your guests into teams and hand them a roll of tissue paper. You should then give them a short duration to wrap a team member in a diaper using the roll. The one that manages to create the most impressive diaper wins the game.

9. Bobbing for Nipples

This is a fun game during which you will have to set up a row of large buckets containing water and drop baby bottle nipples into them. The guests must then search for nipples. The one who manages to get the most nipples in the allotted time wins the game.

10. Ice Cube for Baby

This is meant to ease the tension of the soon-to-be parents about the impending delivery. Freeze some ice cubes with plastic babies in them and drop the cubes in a glass of water, which is presented to the guests. As the ice melts, the baby nears its due date. The one who has the baby first wins the game.

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