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Top 10 Baby Shower Ideas For Boys On A Budget

baby shower ideas for boys on a budget

When it comes to family occasions, pregnancy is one of the most important events in every parent’s life, especially in every mother’s life. Therefore, the friends and relatives of the expecting couple arrange a baby shower for them prior to the birth of the baby. From setting up a theme, booking a venue, and decorating it to arranging the food and drinks

and inviting the guests, it is not easy and cheap to host a baby shower. In fact, baby boy showers are a big business that can very easily make you go over your budget. However, it is possible to arrange a wonderful event without spending over the budget.

10 Baby Shower Ideas For Boys On A Budget

Here are some ideas that will surely impress you.

1. Location

One of the ways to save cost on the location is to host the event at an outdoor area instead of in a restaurant or club. A good idea would be to opt for a park since you will only need to ensure that the venue does not require a permit. However, if you host the baby shower at a park, weather conditions may create a problem for you. Another option is to go for your or a friend’s home. Holding the party at a home will reduce the cost of equipment and furniture, but make sure it does not become too cramped.

2. Invites And Stationery

You can totally skip the mail invites that include postage costs and instead use online services such as Pingg, Evite, MyPunchbowl, and Paperless. This will not only save your money but also be convenient for you guests by RSVPing via email.

Instead of a guestbook, you can make use of old greeting cards by cutting them into different shapes and asking guests to pen their messages and well wishes for the baby and family. Later, you can paste these cards into the baby’s memory book.

3. Decoration

 Shower Ideas for Boys

Buying the stuff in bulk is one of the best and most effective ways to save on decoration and other items. Before you make your final purchase, consider and compare the prices of the items available online and at your neighborhood store and obviously go for the cheaper option.

Instead of mylar balloons, you can opt for latex balloons in blue color or use multiple colors to brighten up the space. Tableware, like dishes and cups, can be purchased at a very low price from wholesalers or high street discount stores.

4. Flowers

Flowers are a great option for centerpieces and they can be picked up quite cheaply at local markets or farms. If you are a creative person, it will be a good idea to make the flower arrangements yourself and have a polished look by sticking to one signature flower; white lilies and tulips would look elegant and beautiful here. You can also use monochromatic vases of different heights to add personality to the overall look. The floral arrangements can vary in size and shape, which will add creativity to the whole setup.

5. Rentals

As mentioned earlier, hosting a party at your or a friend’s or relative’s house can entirely eliminate the need for furniture and equipment rentals. If you are arranging an outdoor baby shower, get creative and spread out blankets on the lawn. Fill large picnic baskets with finger foods, such as strawberries, tea sandwiches and homemade cookies. Don’t forget to arrange a comfortable seating for the mom-to-be.

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6. Food And Drinks

Listing down the baby boy shower ideas, you will realize that a major part of your money will be spent on food and drinks. A good option would be to consider cooking at home by heading to a local bulk grocery store for discount ingredients, instead of catering.

Even if you have zero cooking experience, you may still manage to prepare a nice selection of biscuits, sandwiches, crackers, and fruits in a buffet. You should decide on the time of the day that does not necessarily require a whole meal to be served.

7. Cakes And Desserts

Instead of spending money on an expensive masterpiece of a cake, you should bake one yourself if you can manage that. Get a dessert bar arranged and encourage your friends and relatives to assist you with it. Most people have family members who have a hobby of baking, so you can ask someone in the family to bake a few batches of mouthwatering macaroons. Another option could be to set up a cake decorating section where you offer pre-baked plain chocolate and vanilla cupcakes along with frosting and topping options.

8. Entertainment

If you are very tight on budget, consider giving up on the entertainment completely and only focus on a few simple games with prizes. You are hosting a baby shower for the child to come not a wedding, so there is no need to spend money on arranging violinists. Instead, you can simply plug an iPod into the speakers.

9. Favors

Handmade Party Favors


One of the best and most cost effective idea would be to avoid expensive favors and opt for homemade foodie favors. Homemade cookies and cakes packed in inexpensive cellophane bags with a pretty blue ribbon can make the perfect parting gift.



10. Games And Prizes

Go for simple and easy games that require nothing more than a paper and pen. One idea of a game is to ask the guests to scramble baby related words on the paper and the person who comes up with more words wins. Another example can be involving music.

You can play a tune of a song that has the word baby in it and ask the audience to guess the song. The first one to guess correctly becomes the winner. Keep the prizes as inexpensive as you can; in fact, you can even give a table centerpiece as a gift.

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