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Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Favors For A Boy

baby shower favors for a boy

6. Little Prince Soaps

If you are not willing to make something, there are many ready-made products that you can buy. One of these products includes small hand soaps which have “Little Prince” written on them. These soaps come in small tin boxes and can easily be found on the internet. To give them a little-personalized touch, all you have to do is print out some stickers and stick them on top of the boxes, and your party favors will be ready without much effort.

7. Customized Coasters

A great way to end a baby shower by giving out customized coasters. You can have these printed in blue with your message on them. Do remember though that you may need to hand out more than one to every guest. Also, these coasters can be cut into any design. You would like, so you can have them designed as rompers, rattles, or any other thing.

8. Hand sanitizers

A hand sanitizer is a must-have product in every person’s handbag; you never know when and where you might need it. Plus, when motherhood arrives, it might be the product that you will use the most, of course after baby products. Having a hand sanitizer bottle personalized would make for a great party favor. You can avail two options in this regard you can either get clear bottles. You have your message printed on them or get any brand available and add your tag to it. Either way, it will make for a unique yet useful giveaway.

9. Plants

Having a baby means having a lot of responsibility. To represent that responsibility or growth of the baby, you can hand out a small potted plant as a party favor. Now many people are not willing to take over the responsibility of a potted plant, so only use a live potted plant. If you are sure that all your guests would not mind the idea. Otherwise, you can simply use a plastic potted plant. You can place your tag or blue sticker on the pot of the plant.

10. Candles

You can find so many candles in different shapes and sizes, so you can purchase a bunch of small candles that go with the theme of your baby shower. You can simply serve them in a small tin box, or a plastic bag topped off with a blue ribbon. You can add your tag to it in the end.

These are some of the top ideas that you can use as baby shower favors for a boy. Just remember that when customizing, purchasing, or opting for an idea, make sure that it complements the theme of the baby shower or else it will look out of place.

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