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Top 10 Super foods To Increase Breast Milk Supply

If you worried about not being able to supply your child with enough milk, do not worry as you are not the only mother who goes through this thought. Particularly for first-time mothers, breastfeeding can be hard and then there is the constant worry about the milk production.

There are many ways that you can boost the production of milk in your body, and one of the best ways to do so is by maintaining a healthy diet. There are many foods to increase breast milk, and these foods were your best option as they help in the production of milk that is filled with nutrients and is ideal for your child’s health.

Foods To Increase Milk Supply

The following food that will increase the milk supply and these foods were your best option that they will help production of milk.

1. Almonds

Almonds make for a great source of protein and are the best form of calcium you can take, besides dairy. Do keep in mind that since you are producing milk, the calcium that you intake will be used for the production of milk and passed on to the baby, which will leave microscopic amounts for your body.

In turn, your body will suffer from calcium deficiency, which is not a good thing considering you have a child to take care of and you need calcium to supply to your bones and teeth. Almonds make for a great calcium supplement, so go ahead and take a handful. It also will make a great snack and eliminate your hunger pangs.

One thing that you will need to consider here is your allergies to nuts. Whether there is a danger of your baby having them as there is a family history regarding nut allergies. Hence, wait for at least three months before trying your hand at almonds and if you have the allergies, back off immediately.

2. oatmeal

Effect of Oatmeal

One of the best foods that increase breast milk, oatmeal is filled with fiber and is completely natural, so consuming it will not cause you or your child any harm. Not only will oatmeal keep you full for a longer period, but it will also help increase your milk supply. Have a bowl full of oatmeal for breakfast, and you will be good to go.

These oats contain a good quantity of iron, so if you are one of those mothers who has suffered from iron deficiency throughout the pregnancy, oats will be ideal for you.  Anemia is of the worst things mothers can have, especially right after birth when you have already lost blood; not only will it drain your energy, but it will also mess up your milk supply.

Oats that you can quickly cook in your kitchen are just as healthy as regular oats, so there is no trouble in consuming those either; they will save you time in preparation and will provide you with just the same amount of energy. However, it is best if you avoid instant oatmeal as they are high in salt and sugar which can be damaging to your child.

3. Beans

Another great food filled with protein and iron, beans can have a positive impact on your digestive system. You can consume all or any types of beans you want that are good for you. One primary concern that you have with the consumption of beans is the gas build-up they cause. Yes, it is true that you might get affected by the gas, but the beans will not impact your baby and cause gas.

4. Apricots

Breastfeeding Superfoods

If you are looking for a great snack that will also provide you and the baby all the essential nutrients, you might want to consider eating apricots. These fruits are filled with all the essential nutrients along with Vitamin C and A, potassium, and fiber.

Canned apricots will not have a great impact on you, so it is best that you consume full and ripe apricots or even dried ones.


5. Salmon

Fish is one of the best proteins you can add to your diet. Not only will it make for a great meal, but it will also help boost your milk supply. A fish also contains high levels of DHA, which is required by your child for the development of their nervous system. Hence, you can pack your freezer with lots of fish and make it a part of your everyday meals.

You can get excellent salmon from the market. Which is readily available in the fish market along with your grocery stores in the shape of canned fish. Canned fish has very tiny bones in them, so they also provide you with a good source of calcium.
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6. Dates

Dates are great to eat even if you are not pregnant. They were known for the different benefits they provide, one of which is improving the production of your milk as they contain a nutrient called prolactin which helps in the production of milk.

7. Spinach

remedies for breastmilk supply

Though we have listed spinach as a superfood, pretty much all vegetables that are dark green and leafy will make an excellent source of nutrients, spinach adding the extra kick. These greens are filled with all the essential nutrients you require and much more.

They also have a very high calcium amount and serve as a good meal any day by making it a separate dish or a part of a dish that you are making.


8. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are filled with calcium and make a great source of iron, copper, magnesium, fiber and a few more nutrients. You can consume them with your regular meals, and they will be beneficial for your milk production for Women.

9. Brown rice

Brown rice are packed with more nutrients and essentials than white rice and is best for you if you are on a diet. It will keep your stomach satisfied and help maintain your blood sugar level.

10. Yogurt

Yogurt for Breastfeeding

Stock up your fridge with yogurt and eat it every chance you get as it is one of the best foods you can have that will increase your blood supply. Yogurt is high in protein and calcium, so it makes a good product to use. One thing that you will need to take note of is that if your child is lactose intolerant, you will need to stay away from all types of dairy products until your child is off breastfeeding. This is because the milk will be affected by the product and will cause trouble for the baby.

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