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When Does Morning Sickness End?  

When does morning sickness end

hen does morning sickness end? This is a question we hear often. Morning sickness is the most common sign of pregnancy and its duration varies from one woman to another. For some women it lasts for three months and for others through the entire nine months of pregnancy.

Whatever is the duration of morning sickness, it is not a pleasant feeling and women desperately want relief from it. Some unlucky women suffer from this nauseating feeling throughout their pregnancy with occasional moments of relief.

When Does Morning Sickness End?

Generally pregnant women experience morning sickness usually around the sixth week of pregnancy and usually the symptoms disappear after the first trimester of pregnancy, but in some women the symptoms last till the 20th week of pregnancy or through the entire pregnancy. The duration of morning is not same for all women. Thus this question, “When does morning sickness end” does not have a definite answer.

Some women suffer from severe vomiting and nausea and this is known as Hyperemesis gravidarum. This condition needs constant monitoring of fluids and hence requires brief hospitalization.

Suggestions To Get Some Relief From Morning Sickness

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We frequently hear the question,” When does morning sickness end?” There is no definite answer to it as it varies from one pregnant woman to another. Morning sickness, also known as the “nausea and vomiting of pregnancy” or NVP is queasiness that affect pregnant women from the 6th week of pregnancy to the end of the first trimester or 20th week of pregnancy and in some cases till the end of the nine months. Here are some suggestions that can provide some relief from this nauseating feeling.

1. Nibble In Between Meals

One of the main reasons for feeling sick during pregnancy is staying on an empty stomach. During this time you may not have the appetite to eat but staying on an empty stomach would just aggravate the condition and make you feel worse. Try and eat frequently between meals.

2. Drink Water

Keep yourself hydrated and hence drink a good amount of water every day.

3. Lemon

During pregnancy women become very sensitive to odors that could be smell from neighbor’s cooking or nasty odor from the public trash can. These odors make the nauseating feeling worse and the best way to deal with it is to use lemon in some form for its refreshing odor and nausea reducing capability. It is a good idea to have lemon candies or use lemon candles or lemon-scented essential oil.

4. Eat Bland Food

Go for the BRAT diet that is bananas, applesauce, rice and toast. These are bland food and are easily digestible. You could even add crackers, yogurt and tea to this diet.

5. Peppermint

Peppermints have a soothing effect and alleviates the nauseating feeling considerably.

6. Ginger

This is another natural remedy that can help you to cope with the nauseating feeling. Have ginger tea or ginger ale.

7. Give In To Your Cravings

Eat according to your cravings. If you are craving for dairy products, may be you need more calcium and if you are craving for peanut butter, perhaps your body needs more protein or calories.

8. Don’t Take Water With Meals

This helps to cope with the sick feeling. Do not drink water for 30 minutes before a meal or after a meal.

9. Stay Away From Fatty Food

Fatty foods take long time to digest and hence avoid it. You may also feel like avoiding fried, acidic or overly seasoned food.

Pregnant women suffering from morning sickness wonders, “when does morning sickness end.” It generally begins from the sixth week of pregnancy and lasts till the fourteenth week but for some women it begins as early as the fourth week of pregnancy and lasts till the end of pregnancy.

When Does Morning Sickness End Or Can It Stop Suddenly?

We all want to know the answer to the question “when does morning sickness end.” For a lucky few it can just stop overnight towards the end of the first trimester or the symptoms just fade and then you realize that you are not feeling queasy any longer.

When Does Morning Sickness End Completely Or Does it Come And Go?

Cures For Sickness

Many times we wonder, “When does morning sickness end completely” or can the pregnancy nausea come back shortly after ending? It is quite possible for the pregnancy nausea to return after a brief period. The sickness does not persist all the time as many factors are involved with it, such as staying on an empty stomach or the type of food consumed. Bland food is easy on the digestive system and does not produce nausea. Avoid having fried food as that can contribute to the uncomfortable feeling.

When Should You Consult A Doctor for Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness takes place due to the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. If you cannot bear nausea anymore, you can seek medical help. It is mandatory for you to take the help of a doctor.

if the symptoms are present:
  • If you are throwing up all that you are having and you are unable to keep fluid or food in your stomach for about 24 hours.
  • If your urine is dark in color.
  • If you feel dizzy, weak or faint when you are on your feet.
  • If you have a bad stomach ache
  • If you have a temperature of about 38 degrees or more.
  • If you are vomiting blood.

The most severe form of nausea and vomiting is known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Pregnant women facing this have to be admitted into the hospital for fluid injection and they have to be monitored continuously.

Thus nobody can tell exactly “When does morning sickness end.” It can end after the first trimester or after nine months. Expectant mothers suffering from nausea should follow the above mentioned suggestions to get some relief. Lemon and ginger are natural remedies that offer quick relief from nausea in many pregnant women. It is essential to drink adequate amount of water during the gestation period and stay away from unhealthy, fried food. In extreme case medical help is a must. With little precaution it is not difficult to deal with morning sickness.


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